Are you looking to unlock the performance potential of your employees to deliver better results?

A bit about Me

I am a Performance and Mindset Coach & Trainer (& Motivational Speaker) passionate about the relationship between great mental health, highly effective thinking and optimised performance. With 15 years’ experience successfully leading teams in the corporate world and having facilitated transformation in hundreds of coaching clients, I understand well the challenges and opportunities of an organisation and the employees within it.

As well inspiring large audiences on how to ‘think bigger’ through my Motivational Talks and workshops, I support individuals, leaders and their teams to unlock their performance potential. I support organisations at all levels and am passionate about driving positive culture change and delivering long term results.

If you see the value in investing in and motivating your staff to achieve growth to benefit both the individual and the organisation, then get in touch. 

“Certain people have a profoundly positive impact on our lives, Anna is one of those people.

Anna’s value as a coach lies in her broad knowledge base, tangible life experience and dedication to achieving success alongside you.

Working with Anna to identify personal and professional opportunities, and developing the roadmap to realising their benefits, is one of the wisest investments I have made.

Safe to say that if you invest in your growth, Anna will match it. Cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Jake, Business Development Coordinator

What I offer

Can your employees relate to these common barriers to high performance?

  • Perfectionism (fear of failure, setting unrealistic targets and berating yourself regularly, not taking your foot of the pedal)
  • Imposter Syndrome (low self-esteem, self-doubt and fear of getting caught out)
  • Parenting Demands ( let’s be straight, for the working parent there is a lot to juggle. This balancing act can be challenging)
  • Social Anxiety (fear of judgement of others, leading to unauthentic behaviour and avoidance of situations)
  • Poor Emotional Intelligence (lack of self-awareness and self-management)
  • The Past (being held back by bad experiences and bad habits)
  • Rigidity of thought (aka tunnel vision, it’s easy to get stuck in the rut of ineffective thinking)
  • Overthinking (way too much time spent brooding and worrying, can be directly linked to Perfectionism and Procrastination and creates a ton of stress and anxiety)
  • Procrastination (the habit of putting things off and not getting started)
  • Fear (…of change, discomfort, judgement…which can lead to stress, avoidance and underperformance)

  • Overload (having too much to juggle! Can be a result of the inability to say ‘no’ and poor prioritisation)
    • Burnout (a costly symptom of all the above, pure energy depletion due lack of balance and poor mental health)

    Imagine how staff wellbeing and performance would rocket if your employees were to learn how to overcome these barriers in order to think and behave more effectively. Breakthrough performance is inevitable.

    Who is the coaching/training for?


    Anyone wanting to unlock their full performance potential


    Aspiring Leaders


    Senior Leadership Teams


    Graduates/Trainee programs


    Paternity & Maternity Returners


    Corporate restructures/Change Management Support

    1:2:1 coaching programmes (6 sessions +)

    1:2:1 coaching offers the valuable opportunity for a client to step back from the demands and autopilot of every-day life, to assess, upskill and re-imagine their performance potential. Clients are coached to let go of the thoughts and behaviours holding them back, to achieve breakthrough performance and life fulfilment. Sessions are completely tailored to the individual.

    Expect your employee to see significant if not transformational improvement in their thinking and performance by the end of these sessions.


    • An initial 30 minute discovery session to explore the clients vision & goals, creating a foundation for our relationship
    • Weekly or fortnightly coaching sessions (60 – 90 mins) via Zoom or in person tailored to the individual
    • A short summary of key learnings and actions from each session

    Breakthrough Days

    A fantastic opportunity for an employee to experience a transformational and high impact full day of coaching for immediate results. Ideal where time is poor and when you want to experience transformation fast.

    This is a highly effective and rapid way to drive significant cognitive and behavioural change. The approx. 8 hour day of high impact tailored coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques equips the client with the mindset and tools to take their performance to another level.. Clients have described the day to be a ‘complete reboot for the mind’. Breakthrough Days can be delivered effectively face to face and online.

    “By far one of the most impactful and transformative days of my life and career. The day flew by and was so enjoyable. I would highly recommend anyone – especially if you’re in a high-pressured job and rarely stop – to take a day out to invest in yourself for your future.”


    Group Training

    Passionate about getting groups to think ‘Bigger and Better’ to transform performance and results, these high impact sessions are engaging and highly relevant to the current context. They include valuable NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) insights and takeaways that can make a difference to the individual and team straight off the bat. Content and duration is tailored based on business needs. Book a consultation with me to explore how I can make a big impact in your organisation.

    Tailored Programmes 

    A process which includes consultation with Senior Leadership Teams/Individuals to assess the real challenges and needs of the business.

    Design of a bespoke long-term training and coaching plan for both teams and individuals to deliver the greatest long-term impact and culture change.

      Motivational Talks

      Working with various renowned organisations, my Motivational Talks and Workshops pack a punch tackling the various barriers to high performance and adding real take-away value.

      Content can be completely tailored based on relevance and business needs. Here are some examples:

      • 4 Steps to Unlocking your true Performance Potential
      • Beyond Resilience: The Key to a Thriving Mindset
      • Embracing the Grey: The Key to managing powerfully through Change and Adversity
      • The Switch: From External Validation to Internal Self-Belief
      • A Winning Mindset for the Working Parent
      • Parenting Power: The key to creating great mental fitness in your children

      “…Anna is warm, engaging and inspiring. What she talked about resonated in a way that made us feel supported rather than judged…I came away feeling lighter and empowered. Highly recommended.”

      Nicola, Principal Consultant, LinkedIn

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