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  • Eager to excel and progress in your career
  • Exploring a complete career change
  • Wanting to become a Leader that people choose to follow
  • Keen to conquer the Parenting:Career balance
  • Wanting to step more confidently out of your comfort zone
  • Ready to get out of a rut you feel stuck in
  • Intrigued to explore how I can support you to deliver better results and/or a more fulfilled life.

I believe the more ‘Mentally Fit’ you are, the better your performance will be. I will empower you to break through personal barriers to achieve transformational change. These barriers may include being stuck in unhelpful habits, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, social anxiety, procrastination, being held back from the past or just not realising how to challenge your ‘norm’.

You may be one of the few already resilient high performers out there that simply want to be upskilled to think even more effectively in order to unlock your full performance potential.

In my own personal journey, things came to a head after my second child when the demands of balancing a global leadership role with parenting just got too much. Having always been a high achiever and a perfectionist (I now know this in hindsight!), the unrealistic expectations I put on myself to own the career:parenting juggling act led to full on burnout and anxiety. It was this phase of my life that led me to reassess and change career direction. Coaching not only played to my strengths and passion for people but also aligned with my values of work:life balance and driving transformation in others.

Since being a kid, motivating others to unlock their potential has given me a real sense of purpose and satisfaction. Prior to becoming a coach and trainer, I spent 15 insightful years passionately leading teams in the corporate world working in both Sales and Marketing and so, as well as the highs, I understand well the challenges and barriers of managing crazy workloads, dealing with conflict, difficult team members and clients, the strain of bad management, poor communication, detrimental company culture and – in particular – the high demands of balancing parenting with an ambitious career.

I’m here to empathise and add real value and insight for my clients, eager to prove that mental fitness and performance can be transformed when you learn to let go of limiting beliefs, unhelpful thinking, and past drawbacks. It is absolutely possible to achieve your goals and choose the life you want to live. Coaching with me will enable you to step back from the craziness of life, in order that you reflect, assess, and positively challenge yourself to think bigger and better with a valuable new skillset in tow.

My values

Fulfilment, Authenticity, Work:Life balance, Mental Fitness, Growth, Connection, Adding value to others, Engagement, Vulnerability, Adventure, Family and Friends

what i believe in

Life’s too short for average. We only get one shot at life after all and so I strive to make the most of it. I’m eager to achieve my full potential as a Parent, a Coach, a Wife and as a Friend (all within the realm of balance and realistic goal setting).

Being in the ‘driving seat’ of life. I accept it is 100% my responsibility to achieve the life I want for myself. Only I can make it happen.

No regrets! Our personal journey has made us who we are and we can always learn from the bumps in the road. I embrace challenge and new ideas and see nothing as a failure, more a chance to learn and grow.

Vulnerability is a Superpower. I aim to step out of my comfort zone regularly and promote the idea of ‘getting comfortable with being uncomfortable’. With discomfort comes growth, every time.

A thriving family life. I adore my family, my friends (and my cocker spaniel Henry). Despite being ambitious, I strive to achieve balance (a core value of mine) in order that I can be present for those precious moments.

Where you’ll find me

The Cotswolds is my Happy Place; Skiing and live music are my passion; Espresso Martinis, spontaneous nights out and adventures with friends represent the fun times; Country walks with my husband, two gorgeous girls and our cocker spaniel Henry give me the wholesome recharge of what matters most in life.

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