Ready for transformational results?

The fact is, as individuals we are doing the best we can with the resources and skills we currently have (based on what you’ve learned so far in your life and career). It’s likely you’ll have been repeating your ‘normal’ thinking and behaviour patterns for a long time. These cycles may (or may not!) have served you well in your career and life until now but wouldn’t it be awesome to break-through those ‘norms’ to achieve a whole other level of performance and fulfilment? 

With my support, expect to see the parameters of your performance potential shift substantially.

Can you relate to these common barriers to high performance?


Perfectionism (fear of failure, unrealistic target setting, critical self-talk, inability to say no, not taking your foot off the pedal)


Imposter Syndrome (low self-esteem, self-doubt and fear of getting caught out)


Parenting Demands (let’s be straight, for the working parent there is a lot to juggle. This balancing act can be challenging)


Rigidity of thought (aka tunnel vision, it’s easy to get stuck in the rut of ineffective thinking)


Procrastination (the habit of putting things off and not getting started)


 Burnout (a costly symptom of all the above, pure energy depletion due lack of balance and poor mental health)


 The Past (being held back by bad experiences and bad habits believing things will always be this way)


Social Anxiety (fear of judgement of others, leading to unauthentic behaviour and avoidance of certain situations)


Overthinking (Way too much time spent brooding and worrying. Can be directly linked to Perfectionism and Procrastination and creates a ton of stress and anxiety)


Fear (…of change, discomfort, judgement…which can lead to stress and avoidance and underperformance)


Overload (having too much to juggle! Can be a result of the inability to say ‘no’ and poor prioritisation)

It’s time to breakthrough personal barriers to achieve the results, career and life you deserve.

1:1 Coaching Services

Free 30-minute chat

Rapport is paramount when it comes to results. This is simply a chance for us to get to know each other, for me to understand your current situation and goals and for you to decide whether I’m the right fit for you. I’ll of course explain the opportunity of being coached by me and what the destination could look like for you.

The Coaching Power Hour £99

A valuable hour where you can experience what it’s like to be coached by me. We dive into a challenge of your choice and get you thinking bigger about the solution. Expect points to action that will get you on the path to making a difference straight away.

1:2:1 Transformative Coaching Packages from £995

Minimum of 6 x 1hr weekly / fortnightly sessions (over the period of 3 months +)

Can you imagine how you would perform and feel, if you were to overcome the barriers in your way, achieving the results and living the life that you actually want for yourself?

1:2:1 coaching offers the valuable opportunity of stepping back from the demands and autopilot of every day life in order to audit and re-imagine your life.

You’ll be coached to let go of the thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back, so that you can achieve the results and life that you truly want. Sessions will be completely tailored to you.

The fact is, often without realising it, we get used to thinking and acting ineffectively as we unconsciously repeat the same thinking and behaviours ‘on autopilot’, often for many years straight! I’m here to coach you to excel way beyond your current ‘norm’ to achieve your goals across all aspects of life (career, relationships, parenting, communication, health and fitness…)

No matter what your starting point on the continuum of struggling to highly effective thinking, expect to be an expert thinker delivering your optimal performance across all aspects of life by the end of these sessions.

What you receive:

  • An initial discovery session to explore your vision & goals, creating a foundation for our relationship
  • Weekly or fortnightly coaching sessions (60 mins) via Zoom or in person tailored to you
  • A short summary of key learnings and actions from each session

1:2:1 Session (1 – 1.5hrs) from £150
Time Line Therapy from £550

Time Line Therapy™

Time Line Therapy™ is recognised as the one of the most effective tools in creating fast, long-lasting changes in behaviour, enabling you to take control of your life and create the future that you want.

Your ‘Time Line’ is how you unconsciously store your memories, and how you know the difference unconsciously between memories from the past and projections of the future. All behavioural change occurs at the unconscious level and Time Line Therapy™ works at this level so that you can release the effects of negative emotions that have accumulated from the past. The process eliminates inappropriate emotional responses such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt and removes any anxiety and depression which are linked to old memories.

Time Line Therapy™ also enables you to remove limiting beliefs that are preventing you from reaching your greatest potential such as ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’ll never earn the money I want’, ‘I don’t deserve a fantastic relationship.’

In one 3 – 4 hour session, effective long lasting change can be achieved.

“Having Anna to guide me through Time Line Therapy™ and remove the emotional baggage I was carrying sub-consciously, coach around the outcomes and unscramble my brain was exactly what was needed. I now know what direction to go with my business and my life, I have defined action steps.”


“I feel like a weight has been lifted and that I can now focus 100% on moving forwards.”


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Breakthrough Day from £1,200

Incredible for those that want maximum impact and transformation in just one full day of coaching, this service delivers the ‘Wow Factor’. This approx. 8 hour day of high impact tailored coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques will equip you with the mindset and tools to become highly successful in life. Clients have described the day to be a ‘complete reboot for your mind’. Breakthrough Days can be delivered effectively face to face and online.

What you receive:

  • An initial discovery session to explore your vision & goals, creating a foundation for our relationship.
  • A day completely tailored to you and your needs and goals. Expect:
    • A life/career audit to understand exactly where you’re at and where you want to be, including elicitation of life/career values
    • A complete reboot of your unconscious mind through Time Line Therapy™ – this highly effective NLP linguistic process clears out past negative emotions which undoubtedly will be holding you back
    • Tailored highly effective NLP techniques to combat any niggles holding you back
    • Highly effective goal setting
    • Relaxation at the end of the session (optional but recommended)

    Particularly suitable for:

    • Improving self-confidence, motivation & direction
    • Overcoming emotional issues
    • Moving on from the past
    • Stress and anxiety
    • Feeling more powerful in your career
    • Transition into a promotion or new life phase
    • Feelings of inertia in any area of life: relationships, career, family, health and well-being, spirituality
    • Anyone wanting a mind blowing coaching experience in order to drive rapid positive change


    “By far one of the most impactful and transformative days of my life and career. The day flew by and was so enjoyable. I would highly recommend anyone – especially if you’re in a high-pressured job and rarely stop – to take a day out to invest in yourself for your future.”


    Why work with me?

    I pride myself on the fantastic rapport that I build with my clients and tailor my approach and energy in order to get the absolute best from them. With extensive experience in the corporate world I have worked within and led teams across multiple functions and companies.

    Having overcome my own challenges (especially as an ambitious working parent), as well as years spent coaching within the mental health and business arena, I am empathetic and knowledgeable when it comes to barriers to performance.

    For me it is important not only to coach and facilitate transformative self-discovery in my clients (a key role of any great coach) but also to provide valuable insight and skills as a trainer and mentor.

    With the overriding goal of developing my client’s internal resources so that they can achieve ongoing breakthrough performance, I integrate advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques within my coaching to unlock the potential of the unconscious mind.

    This additional string to my bow is a real game changer since so many of us are stuck on auto pilot, repeating bad habits, behaviours and ways of thinking or being held back from the past. I have the tools to help you ‘reboot’ your mind in order to move forwards powerfully in the direction that you want for yourself.

    “My coaching sessions with Anna were the highlight of my week. I’m now more confident, in control of my responses, and have never been so keen to step out of my comfort zone! I’m no longer afraid to ask for the promotion I feel I deserve or to present in front of a large audience. Life is more balanced and calm yet I’m achieving more than ever before.”


    Ready to get started?

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